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Reviews of Alamein

“An excellent book, unfailingly well written. Ought to be recognised as one of the most successful histories of the Western Desert and North African fighting yet to have appeared... A remarkable achievement. It is nothing less than a narrative of the whole war on the southern Mediterranean shore from 1940 to 1943. Few historians write as fluently as Bierman and Smith do; few journalists achieve their standards of accuracy.”
Sir John Keegan, Daily Telegraph
“A big pacey read which, as well as being an account of the battle itself, is a panorama of the desert fighting leading up to the sacking of General Auchinleck and the arrival of Montgomery.”
Allan Mallinson, The Times
“A first class account of the arduous hunt to run Rommel to ground.”
John Crosssland, Sunday Times, best military history books of 2002.
“A new definitive account of the desert battle”
Daily Mail
“Bierman and Smith’s exploration of the campaign is peppered with fascinating insights...and the authors manage to fill the entire canvas of the desert war”
Herald, Glasgow
“A clear, near-encylopedic reconstruction...[the]. Few, if any, professional historians may be able to attain the quality of [this] book.'
Los Angles Times Book Review
“All aspects of the North African conflict are captured in [this] remarkable new book... It is, quite simply, excellent, blending the big picture view of the war... with fascinating details about the lives of individuals. Mr Bierman and Mr Smith both have an eye for the quirky and poignant, and they have woven the blood-red thread of individual humanity through the complex tapestry of a campaign that involved millions of people. Their writing is excellent, spare and witty, allowing them to cover a large chunk of history in a short space, all the while maintaining a magnificent awareness of the people at the heart of their story... Their work honours them, and enlightens and entertains us. There can hardly be any higher praise than that.”
The Washington Times
“This accomplished recounting of the battle is a blend of lively reporting and judicious quotations that doesn’t lose sight of the big picture and the overarching strategy of both commands... a concise and fluently written account, a refreshing change from the dry recording of tactics and numbers that too often passes for military history.”
Chicago Tribune
“ A colorful history in the spirit of Antony Beevor’s spectacular Stalingrad.”
The Washington Post
“Vignettes and anecdotes that personalise a larger story. The book is really about people and the bewitching cast.”
Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel
“The descriptions of the battles are well-crafted and easily accessible to the nonspecialist... Major and minor personalities and fighting units come to life, among them the British Special Interrogation Group and the Axis spy Laszlo Almasy, whose exploits were very loosely adapted for the novel and film ‘The English Patient’.”
Publishers’ Weekly

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