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Reviews of Carlos - Portrait of a terrorist

“All the ingredients of a fictional espionage novel are here - sharply drawn characters, a fast-paced plot, violence, terror, intrigue and even the obligatory sex...A highly readable portrait of a committed revolutionary and compulsive bully.”
The New York Times.
“The tentacles of terror, spreading out from the KGB via the military headquarters of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine... is painstakingly and vividly portrayed by Colin Smith.”
Don Anderson, Daily Mail.
“What matters in this immensely informative book is what it tells us about how terrorists operate rather than why.”
Richard Clutterbuck, The Observer`
“...a good solid, and very readable account of the way an overweight Venezuelan rich boy, Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, was transformed by degrees into the lean, commanding figure in a white raincoat who had... the OPEC oil moguls literally prostrate on the carpet.”
Alexander McDonald, Birmingham Post.
“For years Ilich Sanchez played cat and mouse with the governments of the world... Now he’s locked up in a French jail, from which he should never be released. In a classic piece of reportage, Colin Smith reconstructs Carlos’s filthy career.”
The Oxford Times.

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  Carlos - Portrait of a Terrorist
Mandarin Paperback,
London, 1995

ISBN 0 7493 2008 7
(A revision of the edition first published in London in 1976 by André Deutsch.)
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